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Basketball has been very very good to me

Basketball has been a huge influence on my life ever since I was nailing a milk carton to a telephone pole out side my house in Pawtucket, RI. Basketball has taught me about pain and sacrifice, about winning and losing, about being a good teammate, and so much more. The game has taken me around the United States and the world, and has given me just about everything good in my life, and I owe it an unpayable debt of gratitude. It's that passion to uphold the ideals I've learned that drives me every day.

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I'm the first-born son of immigrant Greek parents who settled in Rhode Island in the late 1960's. It was my mother who eventually turned me on to sports, pulling me off the couch and onto a baseball field. Sports became a part of my life after that, and it set me down this path.

Me as a child
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After my time at Charles E. Shea high school, where I averaged about 24 points and 12 rebounds per game my senior year, I went to Emerson College in Boston where I was a Broadcast Journalism major and a four-year starter (and two-year captain). I finished my college career with nearly 1500 points and 1000 rebounds.


I was lucky enough to play professionally in Greece, becoming the first Emerson grad to go pro, but my career was cut short in my first year due to injuries. But it was an amazing experience that I will always cherish.

Now I cover the Boston Celtics for Boston Sports Journal and am the author of the book "The Boston Celtics All-Time All-Stars: The best players at each position for the C's." I'm also the host of the Locked On Celtics podcast, the number one Celtics podcast in the world and among the top 25 basketball podcasts on iTunes. I'm also one of the hosts of the Locked On NBA podcast, which is in the top 15 basketball podcasts.

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